Should you update your profile?

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You have been on a dating site for some time and your wondering, should you update your profile?  In this blog post, we answer why we think you should!

We believe you should update your profile on a fairly regular basis, say bi-weekly or monthly. The reason is that your profile should be a statement about you and your life and that is never written in stone, is it?

If possible not only should you change the written content you should also consider changing your photos, there are a few reasons why this might work to your advantage:

1. It keeps your content fresh

There will be single people who read your profile one day and think, umm they sound nice but I’m not quite sure. Take our word for it, they will come back to your profile and they will read it again!

Wouldn’t it be great if when they read it again they see something new and exciting in there? If you have updated your profile before they go back again they might just find something in that new content that means they want to contact you.

Something new might be just the deal clincher they were looking for. So go on, keep it fresh and keep it up to date.

2. It might put you at the top of the search results

By keeping your profile up to date it might put your profile at the top of the search results. When a dating site returns profiles from a members search, they have to decide how to present those search results.

This can be done by “last activity” (i.e the last time that someone logged onto their profile), it can also be done by “proximity” (i.e the distance they live from you) but what if you are still equal with someone?

They may well base it on when the profile was last updated. So keeping your profile up to date might also rank your profile higher in search results, which for obvious reasons is a good thing!

3. It might mean you make it onto daily emails

All dating sites usually send out a dating email that draws attention to profiles that the recipient of that mail might be interested in. Dating sites will send out a number of emails to members.

But there are a couple which might include your profile if you have updated it. One is an email that says “have you considered contacting these members?” and when they select these profiles it will be based on whether you “fit” the requirements but then it could be down to whether you have an up to date profile (as mentioned above).

Other emails show members who “have just added more photos”, this means you might appear on those emails if you have swapped/added photos. Lastly, we have seen some that show members who have simply “updated their profile”, which is what we are talking about in this post.

In order to remind yourself to update your profile, why don’t you set up calendar alerts


While you are thinking about updating your profile.  Why not think about updating your photos?  We have a great  post on the best profile photos, you can read it HERE.

Updating your profile might get you a date, so why not check out our post on First and Second date ideas.


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