What makes a good profile photo?

Woman smiling in her profile photo, smiling, happy, Lady, Woman, what makes a good profile photo?
Woman smiling in her profile photo

Tips for the perfect profile photo: Part II

In our last post, we covered things that made a bad profile photo, you can get to that post by clicking HERE.

In this post, we explore what makes a good profile photo?

1. Smile

Show that great smile of yours! Everyone has a great smile and using it on your profile picture will definitely help to get peoples attention.

People are drawn to happy people that’s a fact and so use this to your advantage on your profile picture.

2. Look like someone you’d want to meet

The simple rule is to think about someone you would like to meet as a friend (same sex) and look like them.

3. All natural

Mostly applies to women, go easy on the makeup for your profile photo.

This is just so that you come across natural. The more natural you look the more you will appeal to others.

4. Good lighting

A well-lit photo makes a huge difference. A photo taken outside in natural light will always be much better than one taken indoors under artificial light.

5. Recent

Make sure its a recent photo, don’t use the one from a few years ago when you were a little bit thinner, or you felt you looked slimmer.

If you’re going to meet up with a member for a date, they will probably realise that its an old photo and let’s face it you never want to start a relationship with a lie!

Tips for taking the perfect picture

1. No DIY

Very simple get someone else to take your photo.

2. Don’t pose

Try and make the photo look as natural as possible. The more natural the photo the more people will be drawn to you and your profile. The simple rule is no-body likes fake.


So that’s our roundup of what makes a good profile photo.  Don’t forget to check out what makes a bad profile photo if you haven’t done that already (click HERE to read it)

You can also show in your profile, additional photos.  In our next article, we look at what additional photos you should upload into your profile.


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