Tallsingles.co.uk is listed on tall.directory

We are always excited when we get noticed and mentioned on other websites.  Today we were lucky enough to be featured on tall.directory

So what is tall.directory

Well, it’s a directory that aims to be there as a useful resource for tall people in the UK and more recently the US.

It lists everything from the very best “tall” blogs, to clothing companies just for tall people to dating sites (of course)!

So whats the best thing listed on there?

Well at the time of writing this article, apart from our site being listed of course!  The best thing listed on there is in our opinion the “Tall Travel and Entertainment” section.

This lists two websites which are great for tall people when it comes to choosing seats for maximum legroom.  Seatguru which assists tall people when it comes to finding seats on aircraft with the best legroom.  Theatremonkey which does the same thing but for theatre seats.

What to do next?

Well we have bookmarked the site so we can check back on a regular basis to see if anything new has come up.

We hope you find it useful to do the same thing.

If you want to jump straight to our listing click here

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