Should you regularly log into your online dating account?

In this post, we explain why you should regularly log into your online dating account.

When search results are shown, most dating sites will show the date of last activity/login for each profile.

In order to keep this as recent as possible, we do advise that you should log into your online dating account on a regular basis.

This will also help your online dating experience in the following ways (by regular we mean at a minimum once every two days):

1. Other members know you’re interested in dating

Imagine you saw two almost identical profiles, one of them had been on the site in less than 48 hours the other is over hasn’t been on the site for over 3 months.

Which one do you think you would more likely send a message to? Yes, exactly the one who had been active within 48 hours as you can see there is more chance of them seeing your message and responding.

2. Search results

Search results are often displayed to members in the order of last activity. So the more recent it is that you have logged on the better your chance of getting to the top of the search results. You want to be at the top as they may never get down to page 5!

In order to show activity, you don’t have to even do anything on the site all you need to make sure is that you have logged into the member’s area.

So there you go, log on regularly to see some great benefits.


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