What is the online dating protector?

What is the online dating protector
What is the online dating protector

I have seen a reference to online dating protector (ODP) on tallsingles.co.uk, but I have no idea what it is?  This article will explain all!

So what is the online dating protector?

Our site is part of the “Global Personals” brand, worldwide leading experts when it comes to internet dating.

They were aware that people could be using internet dating for all the wrong reasons so they set up the online dating protector (ODP). The ODP is a UK based team of 55 highly trained online dating safety experts, whose main objective is to keep you safe on our site and here is how they go about doing just that.

With over 1.5 million members on the site, it can be very difficult to make sure everyone is acting within the guidelines, we do also ask that members are vigilant and report anything they see that does feel right.

Here is a little bit about what ODP do and how you can really help.

Report profile.

On TallSingles.co.uk every profile has a “report profile” button. Should you see issues with the profile you should hit that button to report it. Once it has been reported the team at ODP will be alerted and they will then look into the issue.

The issue will be looked into within the hour. Any reports made are done so anonymously, so don’t be afraid to report something.

Live Chat

When you report a profile you will be given the option to chat with one of our experts. That way we can get to a resolution quickly. If we are in agreement and the other person has acted wrongly we will remove their profile.

Round the clock monitoring

Our team work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep you safe online. Every photo and profile that is uploaded to the site is reviewed. The ODP team are trained to look out for common scammer signs so they can act on it quickly.

Anti-scam software

The team at ODP use custom built and very intelligent software to scan the site and give a risk rating to every single member. Those with a high-risk rating are constantly monitored and will be removed if they are not following the guidelines

Genuine members

The ODP’s main aim is to ensure that only genuine members remain on our site. That is why they use a variety of techniques to identify any members who may not be who they say they are. Alongside the profile reports and the anti-scam software, they will also cross-check members profiles to Facebook and google images.

Their aim quite simply is to allow us to run a dating site which has genuine members and one that is safe to use day in day out.


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