5 Ways to make your online dating profile stand out from the others

Woman Looking at her online dating profile, online dating, dating profile, online dating profile
Woman Looking at her online dating profile

So how do you make your online dating profile stand out from the 1,000’s of others that are on there? Well here are our top tips

1. Join the right site

Take some time to work out which site is best to join.

Think about whether you fit the ideal profile for that site, we would also recommend you consider some niche sites as there are some great ones out there, here are a few examples of bad choices:

1.1 You’re a 5’0’’ male and you join tallsingles.co.uk (ok a bit extreme but you get the point)

1.2 You want someone to understand you and you want to find a long-term partner so you join Tinder! (again a little extreme but you get the point)

Consider joining a couple of sites for free so that you get a feel for who they have as members and if there is someone you could see yourself with registered on the site.

At this stage, you should also consider how many registered members live in your area as we believe it’s important that you date close to home.

2. Good photo

90% of profiles have a terrible main photo. So read our article and get it right!

You will want to consider the lighting, getting someone else to take it and making it look like you.

Remember when search results appear they are going to show your main photo!

So it’s one of the first things someone will see, usually even before reading any of the free text on your profile.

Do not even think about NOT uploading a photo. If you want your profile seen you need a profile.

Profiles with a photo get looked at 60% more times than those that don’t have a photo!

3. Pick the right multiple choice answers

So you’re on the right website, but you also want to get seen by the right members on that site, so make sure you select the right answers in the multiple choice section of your profile.

These all help the online dating site select the correct profiles for people running a search of members.

4. Great free text

Get the free text right on your profile.

These are the sections where you can write about yourself. So make it engaging, exciting tell them something that is going to make them want to find out more about you.

Take the opportunity to be unique and this is where you can really stand out.

You can read more about this in our great article here.

5. Get to the top of search results

Get to the top of search results by logging into your account on a regular basis and updating your photo and profile every other week.

Online dating sites have to sort the search results if many people fit the right criteria, the usual way this is done is based on “last activity” and possibly new material added to your profile.

So to get to the top log on regularly and update your profile regularly.

So there you have it, 5 Ways to make your online dating profile stand out from the others.

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