Single men, want to know how to write the perfect profile?

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Single man looking to the sky

Single men take note! This article explains everything.  After reading it you will know how to write the perfect profile.

We have taken a look at the profiles of our male members and we are now giving an honest review with examples! Actual extracts from members profiles are in bold italics with square brackets []

Single men, take note of these bad profiles

Single men, take note!  This is what you DON’T want to do!

1. No example, but 90% of the profiles we read had spelling/grammar errors.

So please write your profile in a word document first, run a spelling and grammar check and then copy and paste it into your profile.

2. [Look no further, evenings and weekends need not be boring anymore. Now this is something of a cliché]

Never put the word cliché in your post, that’s a cliché in itself!

3. [I equally happy indoors and outdoors]

Well firstly, this is exactly how it was written. Do you think they read their profile? It’s terrible grammar.

Apart from that the number of times people put they love the outdoors, they love being outside, they love being in the fresh air. Well doesn’t everyone.

It would be better to say what you enjoy doing outdoors, it could be “going on long rambles” or “walking along the seafront”.

4. [Recently travelled the world for a year, Japan, NZ and Canada among the places I went to, would like to meet someone interested in travelling also but not essential.]

So, this is not too bad, but everyone always talks about travelling and visiting places, your profile is not going to stand out if you labour on about this one.

5. [After a couple of years spent working too hard, I’m out to reclaim my personal life, and a lot of folks havesuggested internet dating, so here I am]

This was someone’s entire profile. It’s far too short, contains lots of spelling/grammar errors and doesn’t really say anything.

6. [I enjoy trying to make people laugh I think having a good laugh is important life is too short so you might as well enjoy it]

People always talk about humour and having a laugh, if you want to stand out then avoid mentioning it.

Doesn’t everyone want to be with someone who puts a smile on their face and makes them laugh?

7. [Just looking for Miss Right!]

It’s mentioned so many times in various ways, we also see “Just looking for the one”, “Just looking for my one in a million”, and “they say there is someone out there for everyone”.

Get the picture? Again isn’t everyone on a dating site looking for this? Why state it then?

8. [Never quite sure what to say] or [Hi, never done anything like this before so not too sure what to expect, just looking to meet someone new and see what happens] or [Am I the only one who’s rewritten their ad several hundred times?]

These are all the same theme. Firstly no one ever knows what to say and secondly, everyone says it is new to them.Well isn’t internet dating new to everyone at some point?

Well isn’t internet dating new to everyone at some point? It’s common, won’t make your profile stand out and so don’t put anything like this in your profile.

9. [Hope you enjoy my profile and pictures, but please have at least 1 picture as this is not a blind dating website, and I wish you all well in your search,]

You don’t have to state this on your profile make your decision as to whether you want to reply once you have received the email.

Not replying to someone as they don’t have any photos up is fine, but you don’t need to state that in your profile.

10. [FOR SALE – One knight in slightly rusty armour minus his trusty white steed… Sensible offers considered!]

Just terrible! You’re not up for sale on a dating site, it isn’t remotely funny!

11. [And how about I top it all off with a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage to help you drift off into complete bliss…]

There is no way you should be talking this intimate in your profile. It comes across as if you are very forward and that is not going to work.


Single men, take note of these good profiles so you know how to write the perfect profile!

Unfortunately, there were much fewer examples of things that were good, but here are a couple of things we spotted:

1. [I am hoping to meet someone who is prepared to take the time to get to know each other better and see where it leads. At the very least I make great conversation, I am honest, and I have a great sense of humour]

Very heartfelt and very honest. We believe that is one of the most important things when you write your profile. Make it sincere, honest and simple.

2. [If I had to pick three words to describe myself I’d say… funny, generous and caring]

We think it is a great idea to pick 3 things that describe yourself. In our example, this is all they mentioned on it, but you could add a couple of sentences to explain why that is.

#3. [If I were to describe myself in one sentence – a gent who will open the door for you and offer you my coat when you’re cold]

Surely every woman would love a man like that!

So there you have it.  After reading this you should know how to write the perfect profile.


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