Top 10 most Romantic Restaurants in London

Here is our list of the top 10 most romantic restaurants in London.  Great for date night.

We wouldn’t suggest visiting one for your first date, but perhaps 3 months in or for a special anniversary.

1. Berners Tavern

It’s a very glamorous affair eating at Berners Tavern. It has a huge lobby bar which is absolutely stunning.

The vast dining room has an ornate ceiling, very low lighting, and lively bar area. It really is the ambiance that makes this restaurant one of the most romantic in London.

The lighting itself is so low in fact it can make reading the brilliant menu very difficult!

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2. Bob Bob Ricard

A great place to go if you want to sprinkle some fun on the date (and remember if you’re associated with fun that is really going to help you secure that partner!).

There is fun everywhere you look, from the 20’s decor to the little touches, like a “press for champagne” buzzer in every booth. This place will continue to intrigue and impress and be a real conversation starter.

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3. Claude’s Kitchen

Set above a pub, it might not sound the most romantic place to go. However, don’t be put off by that!

The atmosphere is terrific, the staff are efficient, warm and welcoming and that palate of the chef is extraordinary.

It really is a relaxed place to go and will not break the bank in the process.

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4. Clos Maggiore

If you are looking for a romantic setting, Clos Maggiore has it all. From the wood panel lined dining room, to the beautifully appointed conservatory.

Our favorite area is the conservatory, with the blossoming trees lining the walls, to the stone fireplace at the far end. It is a real visual treat, which serves excellent food.

It’s well worth a visit. We have been there several times for the pre-theatre menu which is excellent value, the al-a-cart can be a little on the expensive side.

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5. The Delaunay

Grand European cafes have provided the inspiration for the decor. It has green leather banquette seating, dark wood, brass rails and a black and white marble floor. The service is brilliant and the food simply sublime.

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6. Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

This group is well known for some of the classiest and beautifully turned out French restaurants and this one, being their first is no exception.

The food is classically French, with a little Italian twist. The dark chocolate wood paneling and globe lighting make it feel intimate and relaxed. You will never go far wrong choosing to eat at a Galvin restaurant.

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7. Hakkasan

Here you will get classy Cantonese cooking, it sets a high benchmark for Chinese restaurants that few manage to reach.

Already with a Michelin star, it as you expect serves great food. The interior is modern and well presented, if you’re looking for a classy Chinese restaurant then this is it.

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8. J Sheekey Oyster Bar

Have you ever tried Oysters? Would your date think it was a fun idea? If you have never tried and want to experience London’s finest then head here.

It’s a beautiful restaurant, which shouts French from the street side where large red canopies overhang the street edge. Go on be adventurous give them a go!

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9. Momo

Still, London’s most glamorous Moroccan restaurant, Momo attracts a fair smattering of beautiful people alongside couples on special dates, hen parties, and business types.

The soundtrack of classic Maghrebi beats and attractive young francophone waiting staff create a seductive buzz. Sexy Marrakech-style interiors, sparkling with light from intricately latticed mashrabiya-style windows and ornate metalwork lanterns, add to the allure.

Tables are small and tightly packed, but somehow this rarely seems an imposition.

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10. Darwin Brasserie

This all-day brasserie near the top of the Walkie Talkie offers jaw-dropping views of London – and it’s much quicker to book a table here than wait for your turn in the Sky Garden (man, that waiting list is huge).

The menu offers accomplished yet anonymous dishes of the sort you find in high-end business hotels – but that’s not to say it doesn’t all taste delish.

You pay through the nose for this view, so first consider how desperate you are to see the whole of London at once, in miniature.

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So there you have it our list of the 10 most Romantic Restaurants in London.  Did we miss any? Are there some others you have been to?  Why not mention them in the comments below?


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