The truth about why funny men are so attractive

So why is it that funny men are so attractive?  Have you ever thought about it?

Look in the tabloids today and you can’t fail to spot that funny people are attracting really attractive partners, for example, Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughan, Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans.

Singer Adele has even admitted that the way to her heart is to make her laugh.

Are men and women attracted by the same thing?

Men and Women it has to be remembered do base attractiveness on different things.

Men it seems would go for looks, women, on the other hand, are more focused on personality and confidence.

Being able to make someone laugh is a sign of confidence, I mean, do you ever see a shy person making someone laugh?

Recent studies have shown that women think men that are funny are smarter and interestingly, more likely to be honest. Two qualities that any women would like in their ideal partner.

So from a male point of view, women like to feel protected and safe. As we mentioned above funny men are seen as confident and perhaps this is another reason why women are attracted to them.

What does laughing do to you?

Laughing flushes you with endorphins, your natural feel-good chemicals, as well as reducing the negative stress hormones in your body.

When we laugh both our body and mind relaxes, we feel good about ourselves. So it makes perfect sense that we would want to be around someone who will make us feel that way.

As mentioned in a previous article this is exactly related to the “reward theory of attraction”.

Women, don’t make the men laugh on your first date

A word of caution to the women out there, do not make your male date laugh, at least on the first date anyway.

Studies have shown that if a woman tries to make a man laugh at her jokes when she first meets him, his eyes will look away from her.

Why? Well, remember we said that making someone laugh is a sign of confidence and social dominance? Well, a lot of men want to hold onto that card, so having women try and show they are more confident and dominant makes them feel inadequate and that’s never a good start in a relationship.

So women try to avoid that on your first date, you should be good to poke a little fun at the third or fourth date.

Finally just remember that laughter is a good tonic in a relationship. It keeps your relationship healthy, fun and alive.

It acts as a buffer to the stresses life throws at us all. Put simply, if you laugh together, you’ll stay together.


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