Fun First or Second date ideas

Here is a list of fun first or second date ideas.  When we started to think about it we came up with more than we expected!

1. BYO (bring your own) picnic

So one of you brings say the drink, blanket, plates, and cutlery, the other brings the nibbles. Then all you need to do is decide on a good location and away you go!

A great park is a good choice but equally, go for a promenade or just some green open space.

With an eye to safety make sure it is a public place where there will still be plenty of people.

Oh and if you get the slightly easier deal (i.e. the drinks) try to still make an effort, like make your own cordial or lemonade.

2. Take a cooking class

An excellent idea! It’s really good fun, you should have a good laugh and in most cases, you get to eat what you make.

3. Go to a food/beer festival or street fair.

Probably a better idea in the summer as there should be some choice. In London, for example, they host the Capital FM festival, at Christmas, there are plenty of Christmas markets and in the summer towns and villages across the UK have beer and cider festivals (of course make sure your date enjoys beer or cider before you suggest that one!)

4. Head to a theme park

You are never too old to enjoy a good theme park (unless of course, you suffer from vertigo).

5. Go to an outdoor movie or concert

Again probably something for the summer, but these do spring up all over the place. Keep your eye out for them.

There is certainly a lot in London but again they do run throughout the UK.

6. Go to the races

Going to the races is great fun and many of the racecourses around the UK have evening meetings in the summer.

Newmarket, for example, has a brilliant evening of around 6 races, followed by a popular singer, it’s called “Newmarket nights” and full details can be found here.

7. Bike ride

If you both have your own bike and enjoy riding this will be a great date. Why not explore somewhere different for both of you, that will make it much more fun and you will both get a great sense of adventure.

If you don’t have your own bike, don’t stop there are many places around the UK hire them.

I recently visited the new forest for example and there were plenty of places to hire a bike.

8. Walk London

Why not plan a good walk in London. There are plenty of books that detail good walks and also act as a guide on your journey, picking out points of interest and providing suggestions on great pubs you should visit.

In the early days of a relationship, its best to walk in public places and you are certainly going to get that in London. Once you know each other much better you can move on to hiking in the countryside!

9. Pretend to be a tourist

Visit somewhere as a tourist, it could be a country house, a park, a museum or a planetarium. Enjoy learning new things, seeing new things and more importantly experiencing new things.

Plus most attractions these days have great cafes, which you can stop at whilst you are there. If you are close to London then this is a really easy thing to do as there are 1,000’s of tourist attractions in the City.

10. Go banger car racing

This is the motorsport where they can and do bash into everyone! It’s a great spectacle, really exciting and unlike F1 there is lots of overtaking.

11. Go to a sporting event

Why not go and see a sporting event, it might be tennis at Wimbledon or the O2 arena, 20/20 cricket at Lords, a football match. Enjoy the experience and have fun shouting for your favorite team on the day.

12. Visit a zoo

Everyone loves to watch animals of all shapes and sizes as they are so much fun! It’s a great excuse to be able to relive those childhood memories.

Plus with so many animals you will have plenty to talk about. London obviously has a great zoo but there are plenty more scattered throughout the country.

13. Try a painting class

Why not try a painting class together? You don’t even have to be any good at it to make it fun, in fact, the worst you are the funnier it will be.

If you don’t want to ruin an art class, why not have a go yourself, all you need is some white paper, a few pencils, some paints and a great view to paint!

Go on explore that inner artist, most people also find art is very good at destressing.

14. Go bowling

It’s a great activity that anyone can have a good time doing. Even if you are no good it doesn’t even matter.

Just have fun having a go. You can even put a silly bet on it which is not dependent on the score, like the one who gets the most gutter balls wins!

15. Karaoke

If you’re both into your singing why not head to a Karaoke bar and sing the night away. Certainly not an activity you want to do if one of you doesn’t enjoy singing!

Also, try to stay clear of romantic duets such as “My heart will go on!”

16. Live music

Why not go and watch a band in a bar. There are plenty of gig night around, they are usually fairly inexpensive and who knows you might spot the next big band!

17. Pool

Why not find a pub with a pool table and have a go at pool! It’s an easy game to have a go at and you don’t have to be all that good to still have a chance of winning.

In London, there are several “pool bars” where they have the slightly larger American Pool tables which are great fun!

18. Ping Pong

Similar to pool tables, bars are now beginning to introduce ping pong tables. There is already one in London and I’m sure the trend will catch on!

19. Darts

Again on the same theme as the two above, why not go to a bar with a dartboard. There are several different games you can play on a dart board, so challenge yourself to something new and give it a go.

20. Board Games

Either take a board game to a pub, or play it at one of your homes. Go for a “nostalgic” one from your youth, such as mouse trap, buckaroo, boggle etc.

If you don’t own one you can usually pick one up from a charity shop pretty cheap.

21. Challenge yourselves to complete a jigsaw

No I’m not talking about a 20 piece jigsaw, go for a 500 piece jigsaw and have a go at completing it in an evening. Depending on how difficult it is, you might have to leave it unfinished and come back to it the next night!

22. Dance class

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but why not give dancing a go? It will be fairly relaxed and you should have a laugh trying to learn the steps. There is no such thing as two left feet! Buy guys just try not to step on your dates toes too many times!


So there you have it, our list of 22 fun first or second date ideas!  So have you tried any of these? Have we missed any from our list.

Leave a comment below to tell us where we have gone wrong!


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