Stop these bad dating habits right now!

Are you getting dates? If not it could be that you have developed some bad dating habits.

In this post, we explore what these bad habits could be and how we overcome them.

1. Being too available

There is a very fine balance when dating regarding time. I think these days we always seem time pressured and never seem to have enough of it!

You have to juggle so many things in your life, including your dating relationship.

But don’t be too available in the early stages of a relationship. For example, don’t say you can make a date today at the drop of a hat and then after the date call them again and ask if they want to go on another date.

Imagine you were on the other end of that, what would you be thinking?

  • 1.1. Wow they are very keen
  • 1.2. Don’t they have any other friends?
  • 1.3. Are they desperate?
  • 1.4. Are they willing to cancel their entire social life just for me? (Scary)

You wouldn’t want to come across in any of these ways, would you? But equally not being available enough also has its problems, namely…

2. Not being available enough

Quite simply, this gives the other person the following thoughts:

  • 2.1. If they don’t have the time to date? Why are they bothering and wasting my time?
  • 2.2 Don’t they like me? Are they too afraid to tell me to my face?
  • 2.3 they are not interested in me

Plus of course, there is no way for you to really get to know that other person,

As mentioned above you don’t want to be available all the time, but equally, you don’t want to be unavailable all of the time! So you must get the balance right. If you’re planning to meet up, give a couple of dates, if you can’t make a date you have set

3. Engaging in off-putting behavior

I’m sure when we think of it we all know examples of off-putting behavior but here are some we thought of:

  • 3.1 picking your nose!
  • 3.2 not blowing your nose when it is running
  • 3.3 Farting
  • 3.4 drinking more than you should and making an idiot of yourself
  • 3.5 Making every other word a swear word

These type of behaviors are not going to do you any good at all. Would you want to show off anyone who does any of the above to your friends and family?

The answer, of course, is no.

Therefore in their mind, they are going to completely turn off you. Be a gentleman/lady and you will find you get much better results.

4. Online Stalking

So it’s ok to google their name once before you meet up just so you know they are not involved in anything they shouldn’t be or covering something up. But don’t stray too much further than the results page.

Certainly do not try and stalk them on Facebook or twitter and definitely do not try and track down their ex on social media.

What we are trying to say is a quick search is fine to establish would they are, a full blow investigation/stalking (like opening a “CSI” case) is simply unacceptable.

5. Being too picky

The internet dating world really has meant that we can all be a little too picky. People now turn off people if their eyes are “blue” and they only like “green”.

If there is one problem with internet dating, it’s that you can be too picky. So don’t have that list of 288 “must haves”. Trim it down to your “must have” 3 requirements and if they meet those give them the first date.

Who knows opening your net a little wider might just bag you the one you want.

6. Putting your life aside

Don’t give up on your friends, your hobbies, and your social life, just because you have met someone who you like. In the early stages, you should try and still keep in touch with those groups as well as spend time with your date.

This way they know what you value in your life. As your relationship progresses you can then introduce them to your friends and people in your social circle.

Dating is one big juggling act. You have to find the time to fit everyone in and it is never easy. But a golden rule is to give everyone a piece of you and let everyone know why it is only that time you can give to them.

Plus give yourself some time so you can unwind and relax.

7. Being stuck in the past

You should never dwell on the past even when you’re not in a relationship. The past is after all the past! So move on and give every new date a new opportunity, don’t expect them to fail like your ex did!

So move on, get on with life and enjoy. Look forward and enjoy life and the new experiences that come with it.


So there you have our 7 bad dating habits!  Which ones are you guilty of?

Have we missed any from our list? Put them in the comments if we have.


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