I work shifts and can’t find the time to date!

We can understand this issue if you were using the traditional dating methods. There are not going to be too many people in bars looking for love at 7am when your shift finishes or before 5pm when your shift starts.  But the excuse, I work shifts and can’t find the time to date, doesn’t wash with us!

This is one group of people that internet dating serves really well as it fits in and around your life. If you are a shift worker these are our top tips to still find love online.

1. Mention the fact you work shifts in your profile

We recommend that you work shifts in your profile so that anyone who you contact, or who contacts you knows that they might receive messages at odd times.

This means that someone isn’t going to think you are intentionally ignoring you if they send you a message at 5pm and don’t get a response that evening.

However, don’t make a big thing of it.

Don’t whine about not being able to find love because you work unsociable hours. You will just come across as someone who likes to moan and make excuses.

Just a simple could of lines explaining your shift working is all it needs!

2. Make sure you do reply

So you might be replying at odd times but make sure you do reply.

Most online dating sites have mobile applications, but we don’t think you should use these for messages as it can be difficult to type and difficult to check grammar and spelling.

We would suggest you reply once you get home if you feel awake enough or once you have had a sleep after getting in.

Perhaps you might want to reply at the same time every day so that it becomes a routine that you won’t forget.

But do reply, otherwise, it could be a very long time until they get a response and although they should know that might be the case with you mentioning it on your profile. Longer than 24/36 hours for a response is unacceptable.

3. Only reply when you are not tired

The problem with most shift workers is that they will be so desperate to reply, that they often respond when they have just got in and are very tired!

Avoid this by taking your sleep first and then replying.

4. Arranging a date

Arranging a date can be difficult, but the person you are meeting should understand this. If you can’t make a date/time as you are working, be the first one to suggest an alternative date/time, don’t just respond with “I can’t do that date”.

As long as you show willing to see them they will understand. Obviously, the best time to have that date would be on one of your days off so your not too tired.


So there you have it. No longer can you use the excuse that your shift work gets in the way of dating!

It certainly doesn’t help that is true.  But internet dating really does help with this and you shouldn’t let it stop you finding love.


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