A Very Merry Tall Christmas from the team at Tallsingles.co.uk

A very Merry Tall Christmas from all the team at Tallsingles.co.uk.

To celebrate the upcoming festivities we thought it would be fun to design some cartoons!

They all focus on the benefits of being a tall person at Christmas.

Reason 1: You can build bigger snowman.

Tall Snowman, Snowman
Tall Snowman

Reason 2: You can eat more dessert as you need more calories

Extra dessert cartoon, tallsingles.co.uk
Extra dessert

Reason 3: You get a bigger stocking.

Tall persons stocking
Tall persons stocking

Reason 4: You can reach over to the other end of the table with ease.

Tall Reach, tall person, tall dinner
Reach over to the other side of the table

Reason 5: You can get into the loft without needing a stepladder.

tall loft, loft, tall person
Tall person in the loft


So that’s our top 5 benefits of being a tall person at Christmas. We hope you like it.

Did we miss any?  If you can think of something we missed, leave a comment below and we might publish it next Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

From the team at Tallsingles.co.uk

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