A Very Merry Tall Christmas from the team at Tallsingles.co.uk

A very merry tall Christmas, tallsingles.co.uk, tall. single, Christmas

A very Merry Tall Christmas from all the team at Tallsingles.co.uk.

To celebrate the upcoming festivities we thought it would be fun to design some cartoons!

They all focus on the benefits of being a tall person at Christmas.

Reason 1: You can build bigger snowman.

Tall Snowman, Snowman
Tall Snowman

Reason 2: You can eat more dessert as you need more calories

Extra dessert cartoon, tallsingles.co.uk
Extra dessert

Reason 3: You get a bigger stocking.

Tall persons stocking
Tall persons stocking

Reason 4: You can reach over to the other end of the table with ease.

Tall Reach, tall person, tall dinner
Reach over to the other side of the table

Reason 5: You can get into the loft without needing a stepladder.

tall loft, loft, tall person
Tall person in the loft


So that’s our top 5 benefits of being a tall person at Christmas. We hope you like it.

Did we miss any?  If you can think of something we missed, leave a comment below and we might publish it next Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

From the team at Tallsingles.co.uk

Mind your head

Mind your head sign
Mind your head sign

So where have all the mind your head signs gone?

I seem to find less and less of them these days! But surely in a world where you can get sued for the smallest of things a “Mind your head” sign is one of the most vital things that a business can put up to stop tall people raising a claim.

Older buildings are being refurbished and even knocked down

Perhaps with all the new refurbishments and new buildings that are replacing old run down buildings architects are becoming wise to the fact that people are getting taller and therefore those ceilings need to be higher.

A great sign… at a pub

That said there are still “old” buildings out there, I still remember the cheeky pub I went into in bath which had a very low doorway, above which sat a sign “Duck or Grouse”, much more amusing don’t you think than the traditional “Mind your head”.

So I’m campaigning for more “mind your head” signs, it will certainly stop me talking to the lawyers!


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So how do you respond to common height questions?

Weather, space, earth from above, weather patterns
Photo of the weather from space

So how do you respond when someone asks you those common height questions?

Here is a list of our favourite ones… which do you like? Do you have any more? Please share them in the comments!

How tall are you?

• “Don’t worry, hon’… just as soon as you hit puberty, you’ll start to grow, too”
• “I’m the kind of woman that you can put up on a pedestal without having to go out and buy a pedestal!”
• “I’m the only woman I know who really gets her money’s worth when I buy a pair of jeans!”
• “6 foot and worth the climb.”
• “5’6” and you should see their faces!!
• “I don’t know, how much do you weigh?”
• “Sorry for your bad luck”
• “Why are you short enough to use as an armrest?”
• “Tall enough to see your bald spot”.
• “Oh no! I didn’t realise when did that happen?!”
• “I’m the number of days in the year minus the fourth prime number divided by two plus the square root of 64 – in centimetres”• “Tall enough to see you have grey hairs!”
• “Tall enough to see you need your roots done!”
• “Tall enough for you to be my deodorant checker!”
• “Tall enough for me to know you have a bad dandruff issue!”
• “I’m tall are you serious? or stupid? I guess the shorter you are the dumber you are. Hey, thanks for proving my point (or hypothesis)!”
• “I’m not that tall it’s all done with mirrors”
• “Not that tall, I’m actually average height”
• I’ll bring my palm to the top of my head and say, “Oh, about THIS tall.” That shuts them up every time!
• “No, but you are so short – are you a jockey?”
• This way, it’s easier for you to kiss my ass.
• Get up off your knees then so we can talk face to face! Oh no, you’re already standing… shame!

How’s the weather up there?

• “A little thin but I’ve gotten used to it”
• “Oh, I don’t know. Would you like me to pick you up so you can see for yourself?”
• “There’s a telephone in my pocket, call up and find out!”
• “I don’t know. What’s it like down there?”
• Great, there’s no short people polluting it
• Good for me, but I have gas so I bet it’s windy where you are.
• My knees feel wet, are you getting rain?
• It’s clear up here. Are you getting snow or is that dandruff?

Do you play basketball?

• “No, do you play miniature golf?”
• “I used to until I got tired of tripping over the cheerleaders.”
• “Sure did, Colorado State University.”
• “No, I am a midget wrestler!”
• “No, but you are so short – are you a jockey?”
• “Why? Do you want to play?”
Are your parents tall?
• “My parents are circus midgets!”

Is your dad tall?

• “I don’t know, he married the next door neighbour after having a three-year affair with her, I was only six so I can’t quite recall how tall he is.

How did you get so tall?

• “My dad used miracle grow!”


“The bigger they are the harder they fall.” I just reply: “That’s okay. There are always plenty of short people to land on.”


Have you got any others? If so we would love to hear them.  Just pop them in the comments section below.

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