Have you ever been on a date in the dark?

I assume the answer is “No”! But let me ask this question another way… You see if you haven’t uploaded a photo it’s like you are trying to date in the dark.

You are dating in the dark if you haven’t added at least 1 picture to your profile!

Have you added at least one picture to your profile?

How many of you now answer “no” to this question? You see if you answered no to the second question you should have answered “yes” to the first!

Not uploading your photo is just like dating in the dark and dating in the dark isn’t good for your dating chances for the following reasons:

1. People think you’re not taking online dating seriously

You see people looking at your profile will not think you can be bothered to fill out your profile. Not being bothered naturally gives the impression that you don’t really want to date someone and therefore you will be overlooked!

If you want to be successful in online dating, you need to show you are serious.

2. People will worry about what you actually look like

If you can’t see a photo, your mind races away with itself. People start to think you might look like “shrek” or “Borris Johnson”. Don’t let their minds wander, let them see a photo.

3. People will not be able to see if there might be a spark.

Yes, even in online dating there has to be a spark. The person viewing your profile has to look at your photo and feel a “buzz” if that happens and they go on to like your profile they will probably send you a message.

There has to be a slight “wow” factor and this usually comes from the first look at your photo.

4. People when searching for profiles will usually search for “photos only” so you will not even show up!

Yes, lots of people out there don’t enjoy dating in the dark! Most people will search for profiles with photos and therefore if you don’t upload a photo there is no chance you will get put in those search results.

Not convinced?

We have data to prove that people who upload a photo have 150% more views than those who don’t. 

Want to be seen? Be seen in a photo! Why don’t you upload a photo what have you got to lose?


So make sure you don’t date in the dark by uploading a photo today!


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