A lighthearted look at the benefits of dating a taller man

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Here is our list of benefits when dating a taller man…

• Well nobody wants to date a shorter man!
• Tall, dark and handsome need I say more!
• Tall men generally have big feet and big feet generally means big…. (I knew you were all thinking socks!)
• Tall men give you a sense of security and safety.
• You will never lose them, they are easy to spot in a crowd
• In a pool, they always have their feet on the floor even at the deep end.
• They have more trouble finding clothes to fit than you do!
• They know exactly what three quarter length sleeves are as that’s how most jumpers look on them
• Kids generally love them as they can be picked up really, really high.
• When it comes to a heated argument the taller they are the harder they fall.
• They can reach things at the back of wardrobes.
• Tall men can easily dust the coving!
• They can pick items off the top shelves at supermarkets.
• You may be lucky and one day they might become an international basket ball player and earn 10’s of millions of pounds.
• Tall men have to drive big, expensive cars, it’s the only ones they can fit in.
• Tall men can give good weather updates.
• Tall men will usually hit something low hanging before you do!
• Tall men have big beds!
• Tall men have big sofa’s!
• Tall men don’t need step ladders to paint ceilings or put up wallpaper
• You have a great view at pop concerts when you sit on their shoulders.
• You have a legitimate reason to sit in the emergency exit seats on a plane.
• You can wear killer heels and still be shorter than him
• Tall men look good in suits
• Tall men usually have bigger clothes which can be worn as bed shirts, “cuddle up” jumpers and lay about joggers!
• Tall men usually have long arms which can be wrapped around you for warmth and security.
• They can see over garden fences and so can do the “nosy neighbour” thing!

Have you dated a taller man?  Are you dating one now?  If so, have we missed any benefits out? Leave yours in the comments below

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