Compare Parship to

In this article, we compare Parship to to give you an honest comparison.

So what is PARSHIP?

PARSHIP states on their site that they are the online dating service for people with higher expectations of life and of a relationship.

Once registered you take PARSHIP’s compatibility test. The fascinating test is free of charge — and takes just 20 minutes or so.

Once you have completed the test and provided some further information about yourself, you can view your list of matches (without their photo unless you subscribe immediately), they also provide you with the results of your personality test.

So what are the key differences?

1. Setting up your profile

On Parship, the initial login process sets up most of your profile (but it does take 25 to 30 minutes). Once your basic profile is complete you can add more written detail such as your likes, a little about you and who you want to find.

On, you can actually skip most of the initial questions (not that we recommend it) and get into the main site in about 5 minutes.

Once you are through that stage, you can then take a look around and go back and complete your full profile (which you must do!).

2. Can you run your own searches for potential dates?

On Parship you cannot run searches for potential matches, the site picks the matches for you. On you can run as many searches you like, selecting and de-selecting criteria and even change the location.

3. What are the membership levels and what features do they give you?

On Parship, there are two levels of membership, free and paid. With free membership, you can view your match’s profiles (but importantly not their photos) and the results of your personality test.

With an upgrade to paid membership you get to:

  • See your match’s photos
  • See who has viewed you
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • Search your local area (but only for profiles which match yours)
  • View the list of profiles that view your profile
  • Regular updated partner suggestions.

The free subscription on, allows you to search members profiles (getting access to their entire profile including photos), complete your profile and receive messages.

The paid subscription on allows you to:

  • Read and send messages
  • Put yourself in the Spotlight
  • Send gifts to members you like
  • Chat online with members
  • Subscribe to mobile alerts
  • Write your own dating diary

4. Cost

So a key consideration is and should be cost.

So how much does Parship cost? Well like most dating sites they don’t publish that on their site, I have registered for free and clicked for an upgrade.

The price I was quoted for the upgrade to paid membership was as follows:

  • 12 month’s membership – £14.90 per month (£178.80 for the period)
  • 6 month’s membership – £19.90 per month (£119.40 for the period)
  • 3 month’s membership – £29.90 per month (£89.70 for the period)

On the other hand costs:

  • 6 month’s membership – £13.33 per month (£79.95 for the period)
  • 3 month’s membership – £16.66 per month (£49.95 for the period)
  • 1 month’s membership – £24.95

So 6 month membership is 49% cheaper than Parship

5. Number of members has 1.5 million members so we are confident there will be someone in your area. We found that there were much fewer matches on Parship. But we suggest you join both for free to make that comparison yourself.


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