Compare eHarmony to Tallsingles

Compare eHarmony to Tallsingles
Compare eHarmony to Tallsingles

In this post, we compare eHarmony to Tallsingles, so that you can make the best decision when it comes to which one to join.

A bit about eHarmony

eHarmony advertises claims to use scientific matching to match you to members. So how does that work? Well, when you sign up, you have to answer a number of questions, we think there must be about 100.

Most of the questions take the form of, does this word “happy” relate to you? Then your answer has to be on a sliding scale, from “not at all” to “somewhat” to “yes, very”.

It’s also a clever system as initially, I tried to rush through it and it spotted the inconsistency in my answers and removed me from the process of logging in.

Once you have completed that process the site then finds matches for you, in fact, there is no search facility on the site. Those matches are meant to be scientifically the most matched people to your profile.

So what are the key differences when you compare EHarmony to Tallsingles?

1. Setting up your profile

On eHarmony the initial login process sets up most of your profile (but it does take 25 to 30 minutes). Once your basic profile is complete you can add more written detail such as your likes, a little about you and who you want to find.

On, you can actually skip most of the initial questions (not that we recommend it) and get into the main site in about 5 minutes. Once you are through that stage, you can then take a look around and go back and complete your full profile (which you must do!).

2. Can you run your own searches for potential dates?

On eHarmony you cannot run searches for potential matches, the site picks the matches for you. On you can run as many searches you like, selecting and de-selecting criteria and even change the location.

3. What are the membership levels and what features do they give you?

On eHarmony there are three levels of membership, free, basic and total connect. Total connect is almost exactly the same price as basic and therefore you would never take that option since total connect has more features than basic.

So with free membership, you can view your match’s profiles (but importantly not their photos) and you can access the “book of you”. Based on the answers you have provided this gives you a book which gives you insights about yourself and your personality.

With an upgrade to Total connect you get to see your matches photos, see who has viewed you, send and receive unlimited messages, talk on the phone safely with secure call and get a deeper personality profile with premium “book of you”.

The free subscription on, allows you to search members profiles (getting access to their entire profile including photos), complete your profile and receive messages.

The paid subscription on allows you to:

  • Read and send messages
  • Put yourself in the Spotlight
  • Send gifts to members you like
  • Chat online with members
  • Subscribe to mobile alerts
  • Write your own dating diary

4. Cost

So a key consideration is and should be cost.

So how much does eHarmony cost? Well like most dating sites they don’t publish that on their site, I have registered for free and clicked for an upgrade. As said above the basic and the “total connect” memberships are the same cost, so for purposes of this

As said above the basic and the “total connect” memberships are the same cost, so for purposes of this comparison, I am going to compare against the cost of the “total connect” package.

The price I was quoted for the “total connect” package was as follows:

12 month membership – £12.95 per month (£155.40 for the period)
6 month membership – £27.95 per month (£167.70 for the period)
3 month membership – £37.95 per month (£113.85 for the period)

On the other hand costs:

6 month’s membership – £13.33 per month (£79.95 for the period)
3 month’s membership – £16.66 per month (£49.95 for the period)
1 month membership – £24.95

5. Number of members has 1.5 million members so we are confident there will be someone in your area. We found that there were much fewer matches on eHarmony. But we suggest you join both for free to make that comparison yourself.


So that’s how we compare EHarmony to Tallsingles, but what do you think of them?  Have you tried either of them?  If you have a view on one of them, or you think there is something that we haven’t covered, why not leave a comment below.


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