5 top tips when choosing your online dating username

Here is our guide to choosing your online dating username

1. Get it right first time

On the vast majority of dating sites, your username is the only thing you cannot change once selected. So take great care in choosing it.

It will be one of the first things that a dating site asks you to choose (if they require it) and we would, therefore, suggest if they do you stop there and have a think about it.

2. Do not mention any body parts!

For some unknown reason people like to mention one of their body parts in their username, this is usually a complete turn off for the opposite sex.

Examples we have seen are “Long_D**k”, “Big_T***”, you get the picture.

These are probably fine on adult dating sites but are a definite no for mainstream ones.

3. Do not mention romantic connotations

Again a complete turn off for the opposite sex so avoid where possible. Everyone is on a dating site to find romance and love, you don’t need to spell it out in your username.

Examples are “cupid_1122”, “I_Heart_U_11”, you get the picture.

4. Don’t go for video game, cartoon or comic character names.

One really more the men! Loads of you choose names that are character names from comics, video games or cartoons.

Yes, you might be into these but you don’t want to make that obvious from the moment a woman searches for you!

You want to introduce them to that later on! Plus a username like that does make you look a little childish, which again is a complete turn-off.

5. Try to mention something that sums you up in your username

Try to bring something about you into your username, but only if it isn’t completely boring. This should spark some interest, enticing someone to read on, but it also a fairly easy way to select a username.


So that’s our quick guide to choosing your online dating username.

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