What is the difference between free and paid membership on TallSingles.co.uk

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Difference between free and paid membership

People often join tallsingles.co.uk as a free member but they don’t always know the difference between free and paid membership.

In case you didn’t know all dating sites say they are free to join and use, but that isn’t really the whole story.  Even PlentyofFish.com which is widely seen as a FREE site, has a premium upgrade.

So what does joining for FREE get you?

So you can always join an online dating site for free and TallSingles.co.uk is no different. Joining for free on dating sites allows you to:

  • Upload a photo and complete your profile
  • Search for members and look at their profiles
  • Receive emails from tallsingles.co.uk informing you of members who have uploaded new photos, new members, informing you that you have received a message and finally at times we have excellent special offers.

Note the one thing missing in this list which you can’t do under FREE membership, READ AND RESPOND to other memebers messages.

So why does FREE membership exist then?

So why do we have this level of membership? Well, there are many reasons, here are the most important:

1. People are still scared of internet dating

Believe it or not, people are very scared of internet dating. We believe that by giving a free membership you can take a look around, see it’s not all that frightening and upgrade to paid membership if you want to.

2. To find out if there are there registered members on the site that you would like to date living in your immediate area.

It’s obviously very important that the site has people registered in your area who you fancy.

It’s not worth joining a site if the one person you fancy lives in Edinburgh while you live in London!

Joining for free allows you to browse the members, run some searches and find out if there are people registered who live in your area that you fancy.

3. Try before you buyYou can try the site before you purchase

You can try the site before you purchase a membership. Once you have paid for membership, you can cancel within 14 days for a full refund.

If you cancel after 14 days, your membership will not be renewed but you will not receive a refund for the unused term of your membership. So it’s always good to try before you buy and be sure that membership is the right thing for you.

So should you jump straight into paid membership then?

We think you should use the FREE membership to take a look around the site and decide if it’s something you like.You should NEVER pay for

You should NEVER pay for a membership until you are convinced that know the best site to join.

Look at what paid membership gives you

As mentioned above you cannot email members to arrange a date without upgrading to a premium membership. But what other benefits does paid membership give you?

As well as the benefits of free membership, paid membership allows you to:

  • Email other members
  • Read messages that have been sent by other members
  • Upload a video profile
  • Complete a dating diary
  • Put yourself in the spotlight
  • Send gifts to members
  • Chat online
  • Subscribe to mobile alerts.

So why do we charge a fee for this membership?

Well at the end of the day we are a business and we have costs to cover. We have to cover substantial advertising costs, so that we get regular new memberships, we have to pay for web hosting, we have to ensure that our payment methods are secure, we need to make sure we have a call centre that can be contacted for free and we have a duty of care to our members.


So there you have it, that is the difference between free and paid membership.

Now the next question you should be asking yourself is… Do you know the difference between a mainstream and niche site?  If not you can read all about that HERE.


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