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Might you need a ladder?

Dating a tall person quite literally has its ups and downs!

So what should you expect when you are dating a tall person? Are there any changes to when you date someone not so tall? Well, we asked our tall members the question and this is what they came up with.


When dating a tall person you have to be conscious of the fact that they will find it difficult to buy in-fashion tall clothing.  Don’t expect them to follow fashion trends. Although clothes retailers are still extending their tall range and many large department stores do have tall clothing sections, on the whole, it is still difficult to get in-fashion clothing. Arm length in long sleeve shirts/jumpers/coats is still very much an issue if you suffer from long arms so don’t get frustrated if they do try and pull their sleeves down a couple of times a day!

Cure – There is no cure until clothes retailers learn that the general population are getting taller.

Booking theatre/concert seats

Tall people will generally want to be very specific about where they want to seat as they will want to be in a seat that has plenty of legroom. Unless it is a surprise booking I would make them book the seats as they will have a good idea of where they will want to sit. This will generally always be an aisle seat and most theatres have a row where the legroom is simply better

Cure – When booking most concerts/theatres a seating plan can be viewed which is great. For theatre seat’s theatremonkey has a great review for all theatres on the best seats for extra legroom.

Travel – Car

Travel is a big issue for most tall people and each mode of transport generally has specific issues. Cars are on the whole ok if they can take the front passenger seat can be taken, although still plan in advance as in some cars with a tall person in the front nobody can sit behind, so your then you’re down to a car that can carry a maximum of 4 people, not 5.

Cure – On the whole, if you’re going by car let the tallest person drive as they will have a car suitable for them.

Travel – Train

On long train journeys, you can usually book your specific seat as long as you book in advance. Tall people would again generally go for the ones that face each other (as long as there isn’t a table) and aisle seats.

Cure – Book in advance so that you can book a specific seat. Most train companies will bring up a seating planner so you can choose the best tall person seat.

Travel – Bus/coaches

When it comes to dating a tall person, buses and coaches are probably the worst modes of transport. There are very few good seats for tall people and even standing on them is an issue as the headroom is so poor. The general view from the members was to avoid these at all cost.

Travel – Underground

There is no doubt about it certain underground lines are better than others, the Metropolitan line, for example, has plenty of headroom. On the downside, the deeper/older lines such as the Northern, Victoria and Central have very limited headroom. But on the whole, all of the seats on all lines offer very good seated legroom as the seats run along the side of the tube and face inwards. Also, there is generally no issue with headroom when getting to the desired platform.

Cure – Where possible try and avoid the deeper tube lines. Try to travel at off-peak times so that the seating is available.

Staying away

Again our members tell us that tall people can take some time in choosing the right accommodation. Bars at the end of beds can be a nightmare, as can low ceilings in hotels and every tall person knows about the dreaded low shower head that only washes their feet!

Cure – Again it comes down to planning and selecting the right accommodation before you leave.


In general, big people have bigger appetites as they are generally taller and through that will consume more energy in the day.
Cure – There is no cure, just something to take note of when they go for seconds!

So should you worry about dating a tall person?

So, all in all, there are no real differences when it comes to dating someone tall. Just a few things that they have to consider and be careful of over shorter people.

Have our members missed anything? Have you had experience of dating someone tall? Has this turned you off the idea of dating someone tall?

We would love to hear from you, drop your comments below.


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